Cut your food budget in half, Take the challenge!!!

I recently went to a personal development seminar and it was epic!! Lol, seriously though, life changing. One of the things she talked about is America’s obsession with gluttony. Whether it be food,money or just an abundance of stuff. I can totally relate to that. I mean we were spending about $1000 a month at the grocery store, $500 a month on dining out and I was 30 lbs overweight. *Reality check*
One of the assignments she gave us was to wage war on debt. One of the ways to start that war is by cutting your food budget down, by a lot!! $20 per person, per week to be exact. When I heard that number my jaw dropped. Clearly, we would starve!! Then she talked about this exact subject on her show a few days later and it all made sense.

Now, I am only starting my second week, but it is my new obsession. It’s like a game, What is the least amount I can spend on food? What can I make with what I already have? The money we save now goes towards paying off debt. Saving money and losing weight (down 3 lbs) feels GREAT!! But I didn’t want to have this feeling all to myself. There is no reason that you can’t do this as well. There is no reason your friends and family can’t do it as well. I came up with a fun way for everyone to do this. You can keep track of your progress and we can share recipes and success stories together. I am starting my own Challenge and would love for you to participate!
Step 1) Listen/watch this episode on how to cut back your food spending. This does not been you have to eat GMO, processed foods.

Step 2) Find a local Farm that sells Raw Milk and grassfed meat. These foods will taste better and keep you full longer.

Step 3) Eat what you have in your freezer, fridge and pantry! Everything!

Step 4) Share this post on your Facebook wall or Instagram Page. Make sure to hashtag #linzfoodchallenge

Step 5) Post weekly updates: How much did you spend? What recipes did you make? What was your big WIN for the week? What are you struggling with?

Make sure to hashtag #linzfoodchallenge

I hope you can take part in this challenge!



The baby didn’t cry

So the first oil I used at a photo shoot was Peace and Calming. It was one of the Everyday Oils that came in the Premium Starter Kit when I first enrolled.

I had a newborn photo session and all the oil guru’s swore by this stuff. I brought my diffuser with me, put in 5 drops and started taken photographs. Now the baby did not immediately fall asleep but he was definitely calm. Handling a newborn for pictures can be very time consuming and super stressful for the mom. They grew this perfect baby inside them for so long and now you are putting hats and wraps on them, sticking them in baskets, buckets and who knows what else. As soon as the baby gets comfortable and asleep you move them and bend them and stick them in something else. The babies are not used to this at all. They have not been handled this much nor have they worn this many clothes. The moms are not used to hearing their sweet little newbie cry either. This session was different. The baby didnt cry, the mom was relaxed and we were able to get the shots we needed quickly. I now bring this oil with me on every newborn photo session!

3-11-14 dw-5

Are you looking for a little less chaos in your home? Reach for Peace & Calming essential oil blend, which is a sweet-smelling blend of Tangerine, Ylang Ylang, Orange, and more. It’s an easygoing, relaxing scent that you can diffuse in living spaces or just keep in the kids’ diaper bag for a quick aromatic boost that makes your world seem a little calmer.

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