Be a better human

I am currently attending a seminar that I thought was going to be some helpful ways to grow my business. What I got was directions on how to be a better person (if you think this won’t apply to you, I guarantee it will); how to raise respectful, thoughtful, successful children (who doesn’t want that); how to have a better marriage; how to pay off all your debt (credit cards, cars, houses-everything); how and why you should help people who are in poverty (and love every minute of it); and SO SO much more!

Many of my friends have gone to this event and said it is life changing. I thought they were crazy! I really did. In fact the only reason I came to this event is so I could hear the crazy and tell those same friends that they had been scammed, lied to and cheated. Sounds ridiculous I know, but I am a catty person and this seemed like a logical reason to go. 2 days before the event I panicked and tried to cancel the whole trip. I couldn’t. All of my obstacles for not being able to go were moved out of my way. It’s like a higher power was not going to let me miss this. So, not only did I go, but I went by myself, to another city, without my family, friends or peers. Just me.


So the seminar starts and 10 minutes in I am bawling. The stories this woman tells about her childhood are horrific. No person should ever have to endure the things that she did. So now she sits a multimillionaire and she wouldn’t change a thing. It’s the butterfly effect right? You change one bad thing, everything after that changes as well. Sometimes you don’t appreciate a high until you have had some lows.

3 hours in, I have to pee SO bad, but I literally do not want to miss 1 word she says. I can think of atleast 10 people that I wish were here with me hearing the things I am hearing, learning the things I am learning. By the end of day 1, mind blown.

As I sit here now at the end of Day 2 I feel even more inspired than yesterday. I can not wait to be a better human and to raise better humans and to be around better humans. I can not wait to go home and get started on erasing my debt. I can not wait to start volunteering my time and services (i am a photographer) at a local animal shelter to help those that can not help themselves. I know that all these things will not be fixed overnight. I know that when I get home the directions she gave me will be easy to implement but will take a lot of hard work and dedication and discipline to stick with it and to see the results. I know that my kids, my husband and my brain will fight me on the things that need to happen in order to see the change in my life I know we can have.

Does anything I just said sound good to you? Do you and your spouse fight or not even talk at all? Are your kids entitled and disrespectful? Do you live paycheck to paycheck? Do you wish you could find a way to help your community? Have you lost your faith? Or do you think I am crazy?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then I urge you to sign up for the next event. Not only that, but bring your spouse, parent and a friend with you. An hour in you are going to wish you had!! I do not financially benefit from you going in any way. I want you to go because I believe that what she says will impact your life. That if we want the world to be a better place to live in then WE need to do something about it. We have waited long enough for other people to do it and it ain’t happening. If you do not have the money to go, figure it out. Skip your Starbucks, cigarettes and pedicures. Don’t eat out. Borrow it. Sell some junk. Whatever it is you have to do to get there DO IT. Not only do I guarantee it will be worth it, but there is a money back satisfaction guarantee.

Buy your tickets, book your flight and hotel room. If you join this entrepreneur training site of hers you can save money on your ticket and it doesn’t cost anything to join the site and provides you with tons of training. No brainer, right?

Once you have booked your tickets pass this post on to someone in your life that you care about. My aha moment was on day 2 of the event when 115 people got on stage from the audience. These were regular people that had been to this event before and had implemented the steps she had taught them. On average each person had paid off $157,000 in debt in 2 years or less. As a total group they had paid off 18 million dollars in debt. (Mic drop)

See you there!!!




One thought on “Be a better human

  1. livyslife2016 says:

    It is one of my goals this year to go. I am so inspired just by reading her books and listening to her radio show. I can only imagine the impact she will have in person!


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