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My name is Lindsey Irvine, and I am a laid-back, health conscious mom looking to share what I have learned with others! I am a natural light photographer who LOVES to capture moments that are organic and real. Some of you may know me as Linz Photography and some may know me as The Oiling Photog. Both of these businesses have transformed my life so let me explain

Photography has always been a part of my life. When I was little, I didn’t get to see my dad often, so when I did he was clicking away. He had an old Minolta camera that he had brought back from Vietnam. I loved having my picture taken. The distinctive “click” of the camera was just memorizing to me. In high school, I got my first taste of black and white photography. I loved it. I was hooked. We learned how to load film into canisters, take great photos and then develop and print them. I was even editor of my yearbook!  In 2009 after my second son was born I decided to pursue a career in photography. After a year of building my portfolio I started Linz Photography. I have done all sorts of photo shoots from weddings to zombies. My my heart and my passion are in newborn and boudoir photography. Opposite ends of the spectrum I know. But both are so fun and memorable! You can never get back today. Tomorrow you will always be a day older. I love freezing time and capturing these moments.  Newborns are so tiny and so perfectly imperfect. I especially love newborn “fur”. Newborn sessions are the ones that people regret not doing the most. You can never get back those first precious days. Boudoir sessions, also known as lingerie sessions, are very fun, care free and empowering. Even the shyest person will love the results of these sessions.

In 2013 one of my newborn customers invited me to a class at her house. It was an informational class about essential oils. Honestly, I had zero interest in essential oils but I really liked this particular client and thought I would support her anyway. I showed up with my super large Diet Coke in hand, lathered in bath and body works lotion and on the brink of a migraine. From about the time I was 9 until early in my 30s, I was always missing school, parties, events, even one of my sons birthday parties because I was always sick. No medication seemed to work for me or if it did I would have side effects that were worse than the original problem. After listening to her class, I thought what have I got to lose? Little did I know that purchasing that starter kit would send me down the rabbit hole that I am so thankful for today. This class definitely and completely changed my life!

Up until this point, I was so ignorant and naive about everything. The worst part was I had no idea I was either of those things. I would take my prescriptions, use my plug-ins, eat my fast food and had no clue why I was sick. The main thing I learned that shocked me was that the word fragrance can contain over 300 harmful chemicals including formaldehyde. Fragrance is found in air fresheners, lotions, candles, shampoo, etc, etc, etc. I now had littles to think about so the thought of them breathing in these harmful chemicals and putting them all over their body disgusted me. This is what made my decision to buy the starter kit. I thought, if nothing else the money I am spending on this is pretty equal to the amount I spend on plug-ins and candles per year. Plus, being a photographer, I thought the diffuser would be a great business investment. I could diffuse during a newborn session to help relax the baby and new parents. I could diffuse or apply topically at a boudoir session to help boost confidence. Win-win.


The day my kit arrived, I was very overwhelmed. There were so many bottles I didn’t know where to start. Finally I chose lavender. Being that I live in Texas and it was Spring, this seemed like a solid choice. I put 1 drop under my tongue, I held it as long as I could stand, and then I spit it out. It was disgusting. I mean it tasted horrible. It was so strong and concentrated. It was like I just ate a thousand lavender plants. I called my friend that I had enrolled with and told her how gross it was. She laughed and laughed some more and then she asked me “but How do you feel, now?”. I don’t know. How do I feel? All I know is now I could breath and the pressure in my head was gone. This is literally how one drop changed my life.

After about 6 months of using the oils I was living a completely different lifestyle. I was making my own lotions and body washes. I hadn’t taken a prescription or OTC drug the whole time I had been using the oils. No more sodas and I was eating less processed foods. But now I had a new problem. I wanted ALL the oils!! I also wanted everyone I know to know that there are better options out there. What you are currently doing may be the right solution for you right now but do your own research and decide for yourself. Maybe your doctor does not have you best interest in mind. Mine certainly did not. Find out what is in the foods you are feeding to your children. Be your own health advocate. Learn, research, and decide.

Two years after beginning my journey with Young Living I am happy with where my life has ended up. I am earning an income with Young Living, working part time hours, simply by sharing my stories with others. We eat organic foods, drink raw milk, and make all our own self-care products. My goal with this website is to be able to assist you in your wellness journey. We have the ability to impact hundreds and even thousands of lives. Let’s do it!!!


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