Linz Food Challenge Week 5

Farm $70.38    +    Grocery Store $115.13    =    Total Food Amount    $185.51        (Budget $125)

Total spent this week was $185.51 which is WAY over budget!! We went out of town last weekend so we had literally NO food what-so-ever. After shopping and cooking all week, we still have plenty of food for next week. I will probably only get a few items from the store tomorrow. If you would like to participate in the #warondebt food challenge, check out this post and be sure to tag #linzfoodchallenge in your post so you can help to inspire others. We have saved almost $800 a month by doing this and guess what… NO ONE STARVED!!!


Tuesday Dinner     Einkorn Muffins, Scrambled Eggs, Chopped Potatoes

Wednesday Dinner     Sloppy Joes, Mac and Cheese

Thursday Dinner     Sun-Dried Tomato with Spinach and Chicken Florentine

Friday Dinner     Chicken Fried Steak, Mashed Potatoes, Mixed Vegetables

Saturday Dinner     Thin Crust Pizza with Italian Sausage and Pepperoni

Sunday Dinner     Beef Crunchy Tacos with Lime Rice

Other     Belgium Waffles, Salsa, GF Peppermint Brownies, Strawberry Vanilla Smoothie






The school system is failing our children

I just got done eating lunch with Jacob (he is in first grade) at school and I am just so disgusted. The school system is failing our children. Not only that, but they are setting them up to fail in life. This is not an attack on teachers, by any means! I absolutely could not walk a day in your shoes.

1st kid sits down with a school tray (made out of styrofoam), he has macaroni and cheese (twice as much as an adult portion) and a banana. 2nd kid sits down and he has chicken nuggets, apple sauce and 2 ice creams. Both kids have chocolate milk.


Now, can you please explain to me WHY kindergarten – 5th graders (or any grade for that matter) are allowed to have ice cream at school? or cookies or brownies or rice krispy treats? Like who thought this would be a great idea? Then we are going to send them back to class and get mad at them when they can’t sit still.

Well at least they can go run it off, right? NOPE! Because we don’t have P.E. every day. Only every other day because we have SO much to learn! We are not teaching our kids nutrition, or how to handle finances or how to run a business, but they can practice for a test like nobodies business.

UGH!!! Do you have these same frustrations?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if schools had a greenhouse? I mean how cool is that! This would be a low cost way to not only provide healthy foods for the school but a great teaching opportunity.