DIY Deodorant

Living in Texas,  deodorant is VERY important. As a photographer I am always outside in the Texas humidity and heat and stinking up a storm is never good for business! When I started on my wellness journey changing my deodorant was one of the things I was most hesitant about. Little did I realize that sweat and odors are part of the body’s natural detoxifying process. And using an antiperspirant and deodorant actually blocked that process. So in layman terms: detox is good. Not to mention antiperspirants and deodorants are loaded with toxic chemicals. Read more in Stinky pits got you down?.

I did lots of research and experimented with tons of different organic brands. Some of them were okay but not just quite right. Not to mention, that even though they were marked organic and natural they still had some iffy ingredients. I decided to make my own. How hard could it be right? After lots of trial and error, I finally came up with a recipe that I loved.




DIY Natural Deodorant Solid Recipe
About the Ingredients
  • Arrowroot powder is made from the roots of the arrowroot plant, which is native to South America. It helps to keep skin dry and wick away moisture.
  • Shea butter is derived from the nuts of the shea tree, grown in Africa. It’s incredibly moisturizing and can help to protect skin from dryness.
  • Coconut oil helps this deodorant to glide on easily.
  • Baking soda helps to absorb moisture and odors naturally.
  • Bentonite clay helps to absorb moisture from your underarms and eliminate body odor without causing irritation.
  1. In a double boiler, add coconut oil and shea butter. Bring to a boil on low heat and stir until both ingredients are in liquid form.
  2. Remove from heat, then add baking soda, bentonite clay, arrowroot powder, and essential oils. Mix well.
  3. Pour liquid mixture into a 2 oz. glass container, and keep out of sunlight.
  4. Put glass container in the refrigerator and let cool down to solidify for about 2-3 hours.
  5. Apply a pea size amount to both underarms for all day protection.



Stinky pits got you down?


Did you know that every day you’re exposed to thousands of toxins and chemicals? There are over 10,000 chemical ingredients, some of them known or suspected carcinogens, in soaps, shampoos, lotions, make-up and beauty products, and other personal care products.

One of the most harmful chemicals that both men and women put on their bodies is deodorant.

When you think about it, it makes sense. Deodorant is a product that inhibits your body’s natural secretion of toxins. An antiperspirant and deodorant will clog your skin follicles so that you’re not able to sweat as much as your body requires.

On top of inhibiting your body’s natural cleansing and detoxifying process, deodorants and antiperspirants also release tons of harmful chemicals into our bodies.

7 Toxins commonly found in deodorant                                                                                                    Just look at the list of chemical ingredients in an average deodorant:

1. Aluminum Compounds – Aluminum is the ingredient in antiperspirants that actually clogs your pores and prevents sweating. Aluminum exposure has been linked with the development of Alzheimer’s disease and interferes with your estrogen levels. When your body can’t process estrogen properly, there’s a higher risk for breast and prostrate cancer.

2. Parabens – This chemical is used in a lot of products these days as a preservative, but it is possibly one of the most harmful additives of all. Sometimes parabens act as estrogen in your body, which disrupts hormonal balances and has been linked to breast cancer and prostate cancer.

3. Steareths – These additives are the product of ethoxylation (weakening of harsh chemical in the manufacturing process), which simultaneously produces carcinogens and dioxanes.

4. Triclosan – The FDA has classified triclosan as a pesticide, yet it is in the majority of brand name deodorants. It’s used to kill bacteria in the manufacturing process, as well as when it comes in contact with your skin. When triclosan is combined with water it can also create a carcinogenic gas called chloroform.

5. Propylene Glycol – If used everyday, this chemical can cause damage to your central nervous system, heart and liver. It is also shown to irritate skin, especially if you have sensitive skin. Propylene glycol can be harmful at as small a percentage as 2%, yet deodorants generally have a high dose of 50% propylene glycol.

6. TEA and DEA – Triethanolamine (TEA) and diethanolamine (DEA) are chemicals can seep into your skin and affect your liver and kidneys. In fact, they’re so harmful that these two chemicals have already been banned from products in Europe because they are known carcinogens.

7. Artificial Colors – Some artificial colors and bleaches in deodorants can cause serious allergic reactions and are also known carcinogens.

Labels can be misleading

It’s alarming to consider all of these toxins are used in conventional deodorants and antiperspirants, yet many are labeled or marketed as “fresh” or ”clean” scented. Even worse, many so-called natural deodorants contain these same ingredients.

Read the labels of deodorants and antiperspirants before buying. You can also check out the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) Skin Deep Database to look up these ingredients and other chemicals to check for safety and health precautions.

So what can you use instead? Make your own natural deodorant using ingredients you already have in your kitchen. Check out this easy DIY Deodorant

A fly on the wall

Over the years I have snapped countless photo sessions.  I have loved so many of these sessions, but there are some that I will simply never forget.  About 2 years ago I was asked to do my first birthing session.  I felt scared and excited all at the same time!  I had performed several sessions at the hospital for babies born via c-section, but I anticipated that this session would be even more exhilarating.  I was so nervous.  What if I made a mistake?  What if I missed something the mother wanted?  What if I saw too much?  So I did the only thing I knew to do:  I put on my big girl panties, got over my fears, and decided that whatever images I got would have to work.

As the due date neared, I got more and more excited.  I felt as nervous as if I were actually about to have the baby!  For 6 weeks I didn’t travel further than an hour out of town,  I didn’t drink in case the baby came at night, and I kept my phone on me at all times.  Every time my phone rang  I would get SUPER excited… just to be let down when it was NOT someone having a baby.  Til one day, I got the call!!

Now, I should mention that the mother (I will call her “J”), who hired me for birthing pictures, wanted a natural child birth. Not gonna lie, I thought J was crazy!  I try to live a natural, healthy lifestyle, but there are some situations in which I would opt for the painkillers… and this is one of them!  To each her own;  I don’t judge, and I feel that each person knows what she is capable of doing.  I chose medication when I gave birth, she chose natural.  I figured this just might make the photo shoot a little more exciting!  Moving on.

7-28-14 Ryan

I arrived at the birthing center (which is completely awesome, by the way).  J had her own floor all to herself.  There were two bedrooms, a living room, and a kitchen.  Way better than the tiny room I had at the hospital!  When I got there, J was in the back bedroom with the door closed.  I knocked.  She was mid-contraction, so she sent her mom out to talk to me.  Her mom suggested I come in when she started pushing.  She was dilated to 4 cm and was expecting to have this baby at any moment.  I immediately panicked!  What about my camera settings?  What if they are not correct?  I had never seen this room before or any birthing center room for that matter.  Surely I would miss everything, the pictures would all be blurry or dark, I wouldn’t have a good angle, and this would all be for nothing! (I am not dramatic at all, lol).

After the contraction ended, I convinced J to let me in so that I could scope out the room and get my camera set up.  Once I was inside that room, I knew I was not leaving.  I tried to disappear into the surroundings and just be a fly on the wall.  In the room was J, her mom, her mother-in-law, her nurse, her doula, her husband, and me. The stadium was full, so to speak.  I tried to keep quiet, stay back, and capture all the emotion and love that was on full display right in front of me.   I wanted to capture as much detail as possible without being invasive.


After several hours, J had had enough.  Her labor was not progressing, and she made the decision to leave the birthing center and go across the street to the hospital – a decision that we later realized may have saved her life.  Once in the hospital room she received an epidural and labor was picking up speed.  The birthing center was beautiful and bright and flooded with light.  The hospital room… not so much.  Cue the camera and lens adjustments.  Because of my previous experiences with newborns in a hospital, I had already anticipated that all of these photos would need to be black and white.  I LOVE black and white photography!  I am a type 4 (Dressing Your Truth) emerald (Dani Johnson), so it is no surprise that black and white would be my passion.  Plus, let’s face it, there is some blood involved in childbirth. Black and white kind of takes that out of the image.  Then it came time to push…


When it comes to being a birth photographer, one of the questions I get asked the most is, “Why would you want to see someone’s hoo-ha while they are giving birth?!”  The answer is I don’t and I didn’t.  Just like in boudoir sessions, birth photography is all about angles.  I most certainly did not want to be standing behind the doctor.  There are some things that cannot be unseen, and I imagine this would be one of them.  And it’s also about what the mother is going to want to see and show people later in life.  There are few people that want to put the doctor’s view in a book!!!  Again, to each her own.  J ended up with about 200 pictures. Out of all of those pictures, there was only one that I deleted because it was a little too graphic.


The birth went great.  Beautiful boy, 8 lbs 6 oz. and 21 inches long.  But as the nurses were getting all the baby’s vitals, their faces started to change. They were on the phone, and more nurses continued to pour in.  To make a long story short, the baby had swallowed amniotic fluid which had meconium in it.  The nurses were concerned with his breathing and made the decision to take him to the NICU.  Then, as if that wasn’t enough of a scare, another nurse could not get the placenta to deliver and it had begun to shred which would cause J to hemorrhage if they did not act quickly.  This was my cue to leave. I could not get close enough to the baby to see his first bath, and J was about to have a procedure.  So I left.  I went home and I began editing.  I had all the pictures ready within a few hours and I sent a slideshow to J.  Little did I know when I scheduled this birthing session how important these photographs would be in those first days.  The baby remained in NICU for several days.  J would visit him often, but in between visits, when she could not be by his side, she would log on to my website to see those photos of her baby boy.  In those moments, this was all she had of him.

Thanks to modern medicine and a mother’s intuition everything ended up being okay.  We took newborn pictures several weeks later and that sweet baby boy is about to turn TWO in a few weeks!  If you have ever considered having birthing pictures taken, do it.  I promise it will be worth it.  If you are currently pregnant and interested in scheduling a birthing session, message me NOW, no matter how far along you are. I blocked out 6 weeks for this session, so I want to make sure that I am able to do the same thing for you.  I also offer a discount if you schedule birth and newborn photos together.  Newborn sessions are often what people pass on but end up regretting that decision the most!!  I typically take newborn photos when they are between 3-5 days old.  Babies change so quickly and you can NEVER get back these first precious days of life.


“I didn’t have a birth photographer at my daughter’s birth and now I wish I had. When I look back at these pictures of my son’s birth-day, it completely takes me back to those moments. I think there are a lot of things I would have forgotten without these pictures to remind me. Lindsey was the perfect photographer for this kind of moment. She became part of the scenery and moved around as needed to get pictures without interrupting the birthing process. It was a really special time and I’m glad she was there to share it with my family.”     ~J

Cut your food budget in half, Take the challenge!!!

I recently went to a personal development seminar and it was epic!! Lol, seriously though, life changing. One of the things she talked about is America’s obsession with gluttony. Whether it be food,money or just an abundance of stuff. I can totally relate to that. I mean we were spending about $1000 a month at the grocery store, $500 a month on dining out and I was 30 lbs overweight. *Reality check*
One of the assignments she gave us was to wage war on debt. One of the ways to start that war is by cutting your food budget down, by a lot!! $20 per person, per week to be exact. When I heard that number my jaw dropped. Clearly, we would starve!! Then she talked about this exact subject on her show a few days later and it all made sense.

Now, I am only starting my second week, but it is my new obsession. It’s like a game, What is the least amount I can spend on food? What can I make with what I already have? The money we save now goes towards paying off debt. Saving money and losing weight (down 3 lbs) feels GREAT!! But I didn’t want to have this feeling all to myself. There is no reason that you can’t do this as well. There is no reason your friends and family can’t do it as well. I came up with a fun way for everyone to do this. You can keep track of your progress and we can share recipes and success stories together. I am starting my own Challenge and would love for you to participate!
Step 1) Listen/watch this episode on how to cut back your food spending. This does not been you have to eat GMO, processed foods.

Step 2) Find a local Farm that sells Raw Milk and grassfed meat. These foods will taste better and keep you full longer.

Step 3) Eat what you have in your freezer, fridge and pantry! Everything!

Step 4) Share this post on your Facebook wall or Instagram Page. Make sure to hashtag #linzfoodchallenge

Step 5) Post weekly updates: How much did you spend? What recipes did you make? What was your big WIN for the week? What are you struggling with?

Make sure to hashtag #linzfoodchallenge

I hope you can take part in this challenge!


The baby didn’t cry

So the first oil I used at a photo shoot was Peace and Calming. It was one of the Everyday Oils that came in the Premium Starter Kit when I first enrolled.

I had a newborn photo session and all the oil guru’s swore by this stuff. I brought my diffuser with me, put in 5 drops and started taken photographs. Now the baby did not immediately fall asleep but he was definitely calm. Handling a newborn for pictures can be very time consuming and super stressful for the mom. They grew this perfect baby inside them for so long and now you are putting hats and wraps on them, sticking them in baskets, buckets and who knows what else. As soon as the baby gets comfortable and asleep you move them and bend them and stick them in something else. The babies are not used to this at all. They have not been handled this much nor have they worn this many clothes. The moms are not used to hearing their sweet little newbie cry either. This session was different. The baby didnt cry, the mom was relaxed and we were able to get the shots we needed quickly. I now bring this oil with me on every newborn photo session!

3-11-14 dw-5

Are you looking for a little less chaos in your home? Reach for Peace & Calming essential oil blend, which is a sweet-smelling blend of Tangerine, Ylang Ylang, Orange, and more. It’s an easygoing, relaxing scent that you can diffuse in living spaces or just keep in the kids’ diaper bag for a quick aromatic boost that makes your world seem a little calmer.

Order your Peace & Calming Essential oil here.



Pictures above are copyrighted and courtesy of Linz Photography.