I have suffered from Thyroid issues for about 3 years now. I tried several different brands of Thyroid support from Sprouts and Whole Foods but didn’t really notice a significant difference in how I felt. When I started using Young Living I found Thyromin. I loved the results! This is something I order every other month now. After taking this supplement for awhile I still noticed a couple of lingering symptoms. So I started to do some research. My symptoms kept leading me to a sulfur deficiency. Luckily, Young Living has a sulfur supplement called Sulfurzyme!!


Signs of a Sulfur Deficiency (according to the World Wide Web)
Itchy skin or scalp          Eczema          Diaper rash          Rashes and even slow wound healing          Migraine headaches          Flatulence          Indigestion          Vomiting          Diarrhea          Acne          Hemorrhoids          Impotence          Painful and irregular menstruation          Sore throat          Toothache          Nosebleeds          Measles          Joint pain          Hay fever          Convulsions          Fever (hot and cold sweats)          Bed wetting          Arthritis          Breastfeeding problems          Brittle nails and hair                    Depression          Memory loss          Gastrointestinal issues

Sulfur deficiency in the body may also contribute to obesity, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and chronic fatigue. While sulfur deficiency can cause pain and inflammation-related muscle and skeletal disorders, the compound is also vital for regulating your metabolism. Insufficient sulfur in your body may lead to insulin resistance — and insulin is vital for regulating sugar levels in your body. Without sufficient sulfur, your body has difficulty ridding itself of toxins via your liver. Sulfur is vital to maintaining the structure of your cells and organs.

A sulfur deficiency could prevent your cells from obtaining sufficient oxygen through respiration, which is vital to proper brain function and all cell activity. Very interesting, isn’t it?!